Wheal Coates


This is Wheal Coates tin mine, which is near to St. Agnes in North Cornwall.  Images of the tin mines appear a lot in pictures, pottery and souvenirs in the area. During a ‘Sense Of Place’ workshop in November I made a demonstration sample and used a simple image of a tin mine, cut out of textured wallpaper.  This was laid onto a vintage map background, tissue was layered over and then coloured first with brusho and then oil pastels over the raised areas.  I usually make demonstration samples for classes and they never get worked on or finished but I thought I would spend a couple of hours (while watching a film!) putting some stitching into this one.  Simple stitching too, straight stitch and fly stitch, with a few sequins added for good measure. It will be stuck into one of my sketchbooks.


In the photograph below the vintage map can be seen underneath the tissue layers and stitching.  This technique makes a lovely book cover and could always be coated with acrylic wax or another medium to make it more durable.


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