Cloth Folder


Back in the summer, the Creative Stitch group I belong to, spent a morning using indigo dye.  We had stitched some pieces in preparation but also experimented with different fabrics in the dye vat, the idea being that we would use the fabrics this term for a new project.  I decided to combine my indigo fabrics with some others that we had ‘rusted’ some months before and make a double-sided piece that could be loosely folded into a ‘book’.


I also used a small amount of vintage patterned fabric, some cloth backed map (wrong side) and some tea dyed scraps.  I tore all the pieces and then arranged them on two calico strips, bonding them when I was happy with the assortment.


I then used some stencils and home made stamps to put simple images on top – pebbles, seaweed and plants – reminiscent of our coastal walks.  Sketchy machining followed, which further helped to hold the layers together as well as enhancing the images.


Finally I picked a contrasting colour thread to add a few hand stitches here and there, to hold down the patches and add a bit of interest.  I loved doing this and don’t think I have ever started and finished something so quickly.  I’m keeping it folded at the moment, but am looking for something to roll it around instead as I like the fact it’s double-sided.



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